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Volunteer with Colorado Discover Ability

Your Motivations

to feel needed
to share a skill
to get to know a community
to demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief
to gain leadership skills
to do your civic duty
satisfaction from accomplishment
to keep busy
for recognition
to donate your professional skills
to have an impact
to learn something new
for freedom of schedule
to help a friend or relative
to be challenged
to feel proud
to make new friends
to explore a career
to help someone
as therapy
to do something different from your job
for fun!
to earn academic credit
to keep skills alive
to have an excuse to do what you love
to assure progress
to feel good
to be part of a team
to test yourself
to build your resume
to be an agent of change
because of personal experience with the cause
to stand up and be counted
You will probably have some special reasons of your own. Join our team of volunteers and make new life-long friends through service to others.

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